Most everyone who has gone to a psychic has had situations where a prediction is given that doesn’t unfold in the time-frame predicted. Why is that? Well, the answer is two fold. First, there is something called FREE CHOICE. A psychic can only see a window into the future from the day they do the reading. Anywhere along the way you may make a choice that changes your path; therefore that changes the outcome. You may think the psychic SHOULD know if you are going to change your mind and go in a different direction but that would fall under ‘destiny’ rather than ‘free choice’. That being said, I, for one, can generally pick up when someone is at a crossroads or is indecisive about something or if a change of heart is coming, but free choice is just that – FREE CHOICE. IF a psychic predicts it, then can it be considered free choice?  
Now, lets look at a situation that many of you have experienced where a psychic gives you a prediction and it does not come true. You may wonder why that happens and is it a bad psychic reading? More often than it being a problem with your psychic it is usually that along the way you made choices that changed the outcome. So, it is important to factor that into things. FREE CHOICE is just that. Free choice. Without that, you wouldn’t be free to make the choices and mistakes that you often make. The way we all learn and grow is through our choices. LEARN FROM YOUR choices, good, bad or indifferent; because there are really no mistakes; just detours. But, in the end, if a psychic is good at reading outcomes as I am, they should still be able to predict the end result; even if there are several twists long the way. I remember doing a reading for a regular client who asked me about her daughter. I saw a very bright future for her daughter including becoming a doctor and having a happy married life. At that time her daughter wanted to be a model and had no interest in the medical profession. In her teen years this young woman made some choices and got into trouble as she pursued her career as a model. For a few years she went off course. I held firm in my predictions although my client just couldn’t see it. She was sure her daughter was going to ruin her life. But fortunately she didn’t. Eventually she get back on course. Her daughter got sick and she met a great doctor who tremendously influenced her. They didn’t become romantically involved but they became good friends. She eventually went to med school met a handsome young doctor and they now have 3 young children and are living her dream life! So, the moral is – give the predictions time to unfold. I personally read outcomes. There may be several twists and turns while getting to the outcome.. and sometimes my clients are so sure I am wrong, but inevitably it plays out as predicted. So, when you get a prediction, regardless of time-frames given, the first thing is to wait it out. Give it some extra time since time is very hard for most psychics to predict. 
Secondly, if you are NOT ready for a situation to play out – then there very likely WILL be delays. The Universe will UNFOLD for you with your best interests at heart. That isn’t always what YOU want – when you want it. That is often the most difficult thing to understand when life doesn’t unfold as you want it or as it has been predicted. People often KEEP things just out of their range; the very things they most desire because they are not ready. When a psychic reads your energy they can feel it and sense it but it is up to the individual to allow it into their lives. Sometimes you need to let go of something BEFORE the next door opens. Other times, the timing just isn’t right. You might need to work through some issues or get clarity on something BEFORE it comes into your life.. So, before you BLAME THE PSYCHIC for predictions that don’t seem to come true look inward and if you are honest with yourself you may see that perhaps you weren’t ready or that you are pushing it away. That can turn out to be the greatest GIFT in any prediction. I see this play out all the time, so be patient.  
I recently heard from a client that I read for about 3 years ago. At that time I predicted a total change in her career and that she would meet a man through this new career path that would be a mentor within 12-18 months. The reason this client called was about 8 months ago she made a career change. She has now met a man she is dating who is starting to mentor her so she called me to see if he was the man I predicted for her. So, the prediction DID come true in it’s own time-frame. Just allow it! The bottom line is, allow some time for the predictions to play out. In the end, if the psychic is generally accurate then the predictions will unfold, if given time!