IMG_7614Welcome to Alexis’s Psychic Boutique

Some of us know where we are going.  Some of us are trying to get where we need to be.  But most of us are struggling to find the path.  Simply lost or unaware… in frustration, unanswered questions, doubts, troubled, struggling … in need of guidance.

Your Journey begins here.

No matter where you are Alexis is here to guide and walk with you.

Alexis’s Psychic Boutique is a unique place specializing in New Age work.

Alexis’s mission is:

  • Finding purpose and connection to your highest Divine Self.
  • Give clients/patients/customers emerging and known information that entitles each individual to heal or move forward in their life’s journey.
  • Assist in finding solutions.
  • Empowerment.
  • Opening opportunities.
  • Self-Respect.
  • Dignity.

Alexis has a unique gift to connect with the other side bringing in an energy of love and formidable information that will change your life.

This is a unique skill that many other mediums do not possess, making your session or party a memorable, healing and validating experience!

Alexis is trained in different areas to provide an extensive array of tools and techniques to help you discover more about YOU and more about YOUR journey.

Here at Alexis’ Psychic Boutique, she will play a significant role in helping you successfully manifest your spiritual journey and with her combined efforts, she will help you achieve the best in you.

Make an appointment today.

10300 Sunset Drive, Suite B261 Miami, FL 33173 (786) 338-5861

To book an appointment on line https://alexispsychicboutique.as.me




  1. You are the most wonderful graceful lady. Your Devine readings are so on point and mystical. You are beautiful and your readings to me are amazing. ♥️🚺

  2. You are spectacular, Alexis! I enjoyed the reading today. You have given me so much confirmation on so many things in my life. I finally feel like I have a map to my life! Thank you!

  3. Thank you for your words, they mean a lot to me.I truly love what I do. I’m so happy I was able to shine some guidance in your life.If there’s anything I could help you with, I’m here for you ,I will keep her in my prayers and sending you lots of positivity and love.
    Love always Alexis

  4. Hi Alexis,
    I came to you with my friend last Friday. We did a reading together. You told me some info about my mom and to take care of certain things in her room. Well, she is signing her closing papers right now. And she agreed with every thing that you had to say. Thank you so much for all your kind words and awesome personality. I will back and my mom will be coming for a visit shortly.
    🙂 love Alfton


  6. I really don’t. But Thank you for your words, I’m only human, I’ve made mistakes and learned from them. I’ve finally found my calling, and moved forward with this new endeavor. I really love what I’m doing for the first time I’m at peace and 100% sure. Thank you for your words. Can I ask who this is?

  7. I can see how far your business has grown. Now you are a full time psychic and no more 9 to 5 job. Just saying congrats and good luck in your new endeavor.

  8. Your spirit had always been genuine and drawable. You are like no other! Helping with no intentions of having someone spend 1000’s on nothing. You are the real deal! You saved me from jail. Having my kids taken and losing my career all because you loved me? For yhati m forever grateful!

  9. Barbie, I love what I do, I really do. I want to help people. I want to make a difference! Thank you for your words, they mean more then you think. Love you ! I guess you found your Ken.
    Love Alexis 💋

  10. From the day I met you, I just knew it would not be the last time! Your readings have always been so accurate. I remember two incidents in specific that still crack a smile on me. One, where I said.. “I will believe it, when I see it” …. then I run into someone at a restaurant as you mentioned!!! The other was ” sit down front seat and bring the popcorn ” …. And omg were you ever correct! What a movie !! Haha!!

    You have been amazing, in every way!!! Thank you!!

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