For an appointment with Alexis Reyes, contact:

Phone: (786)338-5861

Or just click below!


4 thoughts on “Appointment

  1. Hola Alexis, mis amigas estuvieron en fin de semana pasado en una consulta con ud y quedaron encantas. Me gustaría hacer una cita. El inconveniente es que vivo en Orlando. Será posible hacerlo por teléfono? Por favor espero su respuesta, Gracias.

    Atte: Beatriz

  2. Your website does not permit me to make an appointment. I see Thursday 2/25 is available at 11 am but that is as far as I get. When I click on “Your information” nothing happens so I cannot get a confirmation.

  3. Sorry about that. I will have somebody check it as soon as possible and make sure that everything is working properly and correct. Thank you for your feedback.

    You can also text me at (786) 338- 5861 for faster service.

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