Alexis’ Psychic Boutique

Alexis’ Psychic Boutique 

Along with her business partner Enrique Reyes.Are opening a unique boutique specializing in New Age products within Alexis’ Fairy Tales. Now not only can your get a reading from Miami’s best psychic Alexis Reyes, but you can leave with amazing spiritual goodies. We carry crystals, oils for aromatherapy, and a wide selection of incense ranging from sticks to cones. We also have the cutest oil burners and incense holders. There will also be a supply of Sage for all of your spiritual cleaning purposes.
To add to that, we also carry unique spiritual gifts; like angels and fairies.
Finally, we also carry the unique and exquisite line Sun’s Eye of Mist and Spray a traditional blend of essential oil and rich herbs mixed together that is a truly amazing product, that will fit all of your needs. It will leave you with a wonderful scents as it helps you with your spiritual guidance.
Make an appointment, shop at your own time, and at your convenience.
Your one stop spiritual shop! Alexis’ Psychic Boutique.
10300 Sunset Drive, Suite B261 Miami, FL 33173 (786) 338-5861
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