Miami New Times

Best of Miami Winner 2015

Miami’s Best Psychic 

Alexis Reyes


“Best Psychic”


Some people can see into your soul and know everything about you without ever having spoken to you before. Whether it’s visualizing situations like your relationship with your estranged father, or the family heirloom you recently got that has a mystical history, Alexis Reyes is one of those people. Believe it. She’s been clairvoyant since childhood and found her life purpose at a later age: helping others see what they cannot see for themselves. That’s a feat she attempts ten times a day (her strict limit on how many appointments she’ll book). For $80, you get unlimited access to her powers for an hour. Think you can stump Reyes? Unlikely. Police have even sought her help with disappearing acts (not the magical kind). Remember the young woman who went missing during Art Basel 2014? Reyes had a hand in uncovering her whereabouts. No crystal balls or gimmicks here. Just you, a deck of Spanish tarot cards, and your spirit entourage that Reyes communicates with to let you in on what they’re sharing.

10300 sw 72 st
Suite 261B
Miami, FL 33173
(786) 338-5861