Alexis Reyes was born in Spain, grew up and currently resides in Miami, Florida.

As for her exceptional psychic endowment, it has only grown throughout the years. As young as five years old, she was blessed with the gift of prophecy.

Alexis believes that all the pain she endured as a small child was God’s way of giving her this special clairvoyant ability. It instilled in her empathy and compassion for others preparing her to become the elite psychic medium she is today.

Just by being in one’s presence, she has the uncanny ability to empathically read that person.  Additionally, engaging the use of Tarot cards allows her to further explore the individual in astonishing detail.

Alexis works with everyone! Her client list includes a variety of prominent figures, celebrities, television executives and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies nationwide. She is extremely well-rounded, not only has she had an outstanding career, which few have experienced, but she also has an educational background in business. On June 18, 2015 the Miami New Times awarded Alexis Reyes the “Best Psychic in Miami”.
What differentiates Alexis from other psychics? She deeply cares about her clients. Just by thinking about someone, she can feel what he/she is feeling. Her nurturing, motherly nature allows her to always be prepared with the most helpful, genuine advice. Whether you are concerned about love, career, family, financial issues, or any topic, regardless of its simplicity or complexity, she always has the answers and guidance.

On a daily basis, she gives clients life readings that lift them from depression, as well as drug & alcohol-induced lives, to a deep awareness and knowledge of who they genuinely are: a Divine Child of God. These revelations help her clients to find their life’s true purpose by creating emotional stability, a sense of focus and responsibility.

Many of her distinguished clients have stated: “When I receive a reading from Alexis, it is as if she is directly reading my mind and answering every concern without me saying a word”. Alexis asks no questions of her clients. She just says a prayer and asks that the words be put in her mouth and lets the answers flow, as if she were reading a book.

As a Clairvoyant, Spiritual Psychic, Medium and Life Coach, Alexis feels her mission on Earth is to help make a difference in the lives of those who have come to her for guidance. With over 20 years of experience, she promises to provide validation to her readings by sharing past experiences, messages, and situations that only the client would know. She also provides an awareness of her client’s life, as well as those currently in it.

Today, Alexis is a well-respected Medium and Spiritual Psychic. Her daily life consists of giving readings to a vast clientele and helping all of those who come to her.

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