February 21 2018  

Alexis Reyes’ life Story special


February 21 2018  8:30am

On Telemundo,Un Nuevo Día. Premiered Alexis Reyes’ life Story special



November 21 2017

Alexis Reyes, makes world wide headlines.


Alexis Reyes makes headlines on her predictions on Jennifer Lopez, and Shakira. And other Latin Stars.On Telemundo, Un Nuevo Día.



November 19 2017

el Nuevo Herald


el Nuevo Herald, categorizes Alexis Reyes as one of the worlds Best Psychic

( la famosa psíquica )



November 17 2017

Telemundo  Un Nuevo Día


Predictions on the Latin Stars.



June 30 2017 

Now on iTunes


Lonnie Scott interview with ,Miami’s Best Psychic, Alexis Reyes. Is now on  iTunes.

To hear the interview and download it just click on the iTunes iconIMG_7758


June 20 2017

Psychic Alexis Reyes,being Interviewed by Lonnie Scott.


Lonnie Scott is the host of Weird Web Radio. He was awarded Tarosophist of the Year 2014 by the Tarosophy Tarot Professionals Association.
The first look at the interview with Psychic Alexis Reyes,being Interviewed by Lonnie Scott.

On line interview with Alexis Reyes

June 6 2016

The Movie The Conjuring 2


Promoting The Movie The Conjuring 2

Filmed with Telemundo for Un Nuevo Día at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum.

Doing a Paranormal Research and Investigative on the Gold Coast Railroad Museum to Promoting the movie The Conjuring 2


Cesar Torero

Francisco Cáceres,

Casandra Blanco-Francisco

David Pierce Rodriguez

Eric Vanderlaan


November 26 2015

Miami’s Best Psychic, Alexis Reyes, Moves and  Expands Alexis’ Fairytales


THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 2015 AT 10:05 A.M.


“Apparently, people really want to know the future,” says psychic life coach and medium Alexis Reyes. After being named Best Psychic in New Times’ annual Best Of 2015, Reyes had close to 400 missed calls within a week. “The response has been amazing. People were showing up at my door. We even had a guy that would just stand outside. It was kind of weird.” That’s when she realized she needed to create a sacred space to carry out her readings that wasn’twhere she also slept every night.

That new space, dubbed Alexis’ Fairytales, is now open (by appointment only) in South Miami at 10300 Sunset Dr., but walk-in and she might just see you — you know, depending on your vibe. “At the least, we’ll get you an appointment to come back,” says Reyes.

A clairvoyant since childhood, Reyes has been using her gift of seeing what others cannot to guide them to lead happier lives. A veteran of Five Sisters (which New Times also named Best Of in 2013), Reyes has even been tapped by the authorities for cases of missing persons, like one during Art Basel 2014 that her gift helped uncover. But that’s not what makes her special — it is her uncanny ability to connect with the parts of you that you don’t even know exist, and, of course, your spirit guides who have some pretty valuable information to give up. Information like what your career has in store, what you can do to be more in alignment with the synchronicity and magic of the universe so you can manifest what’s meant for you, and of course love. “Love is the biggest question mark in most people’s life.”

While Alexis can’t tell you when and where you’ll meet Mr. Right, she can tell you if you’re wasting your time with Mr. Wrong, if marriage is in the cards, and how many children you’ll have. Of course everything is to be taken with a grain of salt. “There are always two if not more paths to take, and you have the power and choice to change it at any given moment. It’s our will as humans.” And some people do; they go against what she says, perhaps because they don’t like it or it isn’t exactly what they envisioned or had planned. “The universe has its own plans,” she concedes.

Besides offering up one-on-one, hour-long sessions for $60 (her newfound popularity has had no effect on her affordable price), Reyes also conducts group readings and birthday parties. That’s right: birthday parties.

“I feel like I have this purpose now. It wasn’t always like that before, but we are our own harshest critic. It’s really about what you put out there and how you feel about yourself. If you can sit in Miami traffic on your way to work and be happy, that’s how you know you’re really happy. I love going to work.”

While Alexis’ Fairytales is closed for readings on weekends, she’ll open up slots for customers who can’t make it during the week because of work or obligations. “The goal is and will always be to help others, on their time.” If you’ve never seen a psychic and are now getting the itch to try, Reyes is your girl. Or, if you’re a cosmic junkie, Alexis’ Fairytales will soon end up on your speed dial.

What are you waiting for? Your future awaits.

On Line Article Alexis Reyes Moves and Expands


June 18  2015


           Best of  Winner 2015 Alexis Reyes, Miami Best Psychic  

“Best Psychic”



Some people can see into your soul and know everything about you with out ever having spoken to you before. Things like your relationship with your estranged father, or the family heirloom you recently got that has a mystical history. Alexis Reyes is one of those people. Believe it. She’s been clairvoyant since childhood and late found her life purpose: helping others see what they cannot see for themselves. That’s a feat she attempts ten times a day (her strict limit on how many appointments she’ll book). For $60, you get unlimited access to her powers for an hour. Think you can stump Reyes? Unlikely. Police have even sought her help with disappearing acts (not the magical kind). Remember the young woman who went missing during Art Basel 2014? Reyes had a hand in uncovering her whereabouts. No crystal balls or gimmicks here. Just you, a deck of Spanish language cards, and your spirit entourage that Reyes communicates with to let you in on what they’re sharing.


On Line Articles Miami Best Psychic

Came out on June 18,2015 On page 61 in the special attention Miami’s best of Miami new Times.