Opening of my New Home Office

Our Home office
“Alexis’ Fairytale Readings”
will open for the public.
This June 15,2014
And it’s so Happens it’s Father’s Day, I guess it’s my guarding angel telling me something.

This is really the best gift I could give my Guarding angel, my Daddy, for Father’s Day.

He always made it a must for me to believe in myself. The confidence that I have today is all because of him, the unconditional love, unconditional support, the unconditional understanding he gave me was his biggest gift to me. And so now I repay him with this.

Doing what he always told me I should do, to help others.

My husband, has built my office from scratch, everything is white Sabby Chic, with a vintage old look to it.
Where you can find candles, crystals to incense.




This opening of our Home Office and this day is dedicated to my father and his memory.


I love you daddy! There’s not a day in my life, I don’t think of you. Thank you for everything you did for me and still do.

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