Dear new home owners,

I know to you this house you just bought is fresh and exciting and you are eager to make it your own. I thought maybe if you knew a bit about it, you would learn to love it much faster than if it was just a “house” you slapped down a huge mortgage for. It was my home and in a way, like a member of the family.

You see, I get that a house consists basically of four walls and a roof. A home? That is a totally different story. A home is the place where you live. Where you are loved. The place where you create your memories. It is the place where you are free to be happy or sad, share laughter or tears, argue and make up. A home is your safe place to land when you fall. I hope you can make this place your home for you and for any children you have. She will take good care of you if you love her.

I kind of Growing up here, my home was the place to be. Ask any of my friends (many are on Facebook and can tell you) that my home was where people liked to go hang out. To everyone who was my friend and knew her, she was simply a place that would make you feel right. The house you have just bought.

Now? You own that house. It is hard to put into words why this is breaking my heart. In fact, I hesitate to say anything because I have already caused hurt feelings by being so attached to a “house”. But that house was my home long after I was married, It was where I went to find peace. It was the place I went when I needed to remember who I was, where I came from and just– for a little while–forget about everything.

I have the most amazing memories this house, Memories that I feel helped make me who I am today. Memories that shape the woman I became and the Mom I want to be. I lived there. I mean, I really “lived” there for so many years. It holds my past. Here are just a few that I cherish and am holding on to now.

Living next to my best friend!! It was like always having a sleep over. My best friend and I shared our deepest secrets in this house. It was also the same place I cried my eyes out. When things shattered.

Getting together with my circle of friends and talking well into the (I learned a lot from those nights!)

Having friends come over and hang out even if I wasn’t able to be there for them, because I was doing readings and because they adored Kiki, and had just as much fun– if not more fun– with him than with me.

It was also the place, where I got better, where being sick became a thing of the past, this house helped me fight that.

Being proposed to all over again, in the middle of the night. Crying and saying yes and wanting to shout but knowing it was our secret until morning.

Having my best friends stay with me the night before my wedding, as we laughed and talked and were just enjoying our time together.

Remembering how my friends woke me up with a rose on my wedding day. Where my Mom, and Sister helped me get dress for my Wedding along with my best friends.

This home was where our first, Thanksgiving Dinner was.

Where I was able too get, and put my first big Christmas tree.

It was the last place my Betsy lived. I mean really lived. The last place she played. The last place she walked. The last place she stood up and gave me a real wet kiss. It is the one place I can go and really and truly feel my Betsy. When I am there, I feel her as if she could reach out and kiss me at any moment. In a way, that house is where I go when I need to feel safe, Betsy gave me that feeling.

I know that it is a “house” and these memories will stay with me no matter where I go. But I have to be honest enough to say, I will miss that home terribly. I understand life moves forward and you have to move forward with it. I just wish I could keep the house and still move forward.

But we are going, and that is a cause for celebration. In that respect, I am very happy about my new journey this will take all of us on. My family and friends.

I do still feel like I am losing a part of my family now that that this will be someone house, someone home. Even which all the bad, that past weeks we lived due to this landlord, and her wanting her house back, for what ever reason.

I may get sad now and then when I think about it and want to see it. So, if you see a woman in a black honda element outside staring at your new house and crying, I am not crazy. I am just remembering.

By then, our home will have become your house. (And I do so hope, your home.) And like I said before, a home is where your family is, where the ones you love live. You can make any house a home. I know that. I just wanted to say, I really, really do love my that home. It was very good to me.

So, new owners, please take good care of her. She was good to us and holds more memories than I can share. I thought about letting you know how to bypass the squeaky thing that happen there (There is a way, you know) Me and Kiki hold the secrets, but you will have to find those out by yourself. It is yours to discover.

All I ask of you is this: Love her. Because? She is very loved by many.

Warmest wishes and best of luck in your new home,
Alexis and Enrique.


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