A more Positive Life.

Four Statements to Help You Create a More Positive Life.

We all seek greater happiness and a more positive life. Is it possible that you can achieve this just by using four simple statements? Most of us are familiar with the concept of affirmations and the power of positive thinking, so we know how powerful thoughts are words can be. According to the ancient Hawaiian healing practice of Ho’oponopono, there are four key phrases that can help you clear negativity and achieve a more positive life.

What is Ho’oponopono?

Ho’oponopono is ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation. It was and still is practiced by shamans or healing priests, but has now emerged into popular culture thanks to the efforts of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and his book Zero Limits. While there is a great deal to study and learn about the practice, Dr. Len has provided some simple teachings for us.

The beauty of this practice is its simplicity. Try experimenting with these statements and see how your life changes.

One of the interesting things about Ho’oponopono is its similarity to other spiritual and healing philosophies. It teaches its followers that we are responsible for our circumstances in life. If our lives contain negativity, it needs to be cleared and healed. Essentially it says that we are responsible for creating our own reality!

The Four Statements

According to Ho’oponopono and Dr. Len, there are four statements or affirmations that can help you feel better and create a more positive life. The statements are often repeated mentally over and over again. Practitioners often achieve greater freedom, happiness and overall well-being. Some even report miracles happening in their lives!

Here are the four statements:

1. I love you.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? But saying I love you can be quite difficult, especially if you are dealing with people you don’t like or those who have hurt you. That is the true challenge. But if you can open your heart and mentally express love to those who least deserve it, you are on your way to healing. Not only will you heal your attitude, you will send love and healing vibrations to the others.

2. I’m sorry.

Saying I’m sorry is another simple, yet challenging phrase. It is admitting that you have done wrong and wish to correct it. Even if you haven’t done anything wrong specifically, the idea is that our past transgressions and negative thinking have created difficult situations—for others and ourselves. Using this phrase helps to aid the healing process.

3. Please forgive me.

When asking for forgiveness you also set the stage for deep healing. This too, opens your heart and fosters an energetic connection with others. You help to bring out the vibrations of mercy in the Universe for all to share. Seeking forgiveness also tells the cosmos that you are vulnerable. And in your vulnerability you build trust with the Universe and yourself.

4. Thank you.

There is no underestimating the power of gratitude. These two simple words can ignite the power of love, healing and miracles. Appreciation for your blessings creates positive vibrations that enhance your life and the lives of others. When you are thankful, you will achieve even more to be thankful for.

Creating a More Positive Life

Although these four statements sound simple, they pack a great deal of power. The key is to use them regularly. Mentally repeat them to yourself whenever and wherever possible. While you may not notice much of a difference at first, keep going. Over time your thoughts and attitudes will change. You will begin to see things differently. Negative thoughts and troubles from the past will start to fall away. They will be replaced by more hopeful and positive experiences.

The beauty of this practice is its simplicity. Try experimenting with these statements and see how your life changes. As you create a more positive life for yourself you will inspire others to do the same!


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