Enjoying the feeling.

As I am driving to work, I can feel the magic in the air. It is easy to feel grateful and to counting your blessings with family around a traditional turkey feast.

Heck as for me, it is easy to feel grateful for a day off, period. LOL, I know this may sound crazy but not going to work on Thanksgiving makes me sad, I guess it’s because my co-workers have always been so great to me, and have been a real family to me at times.

But I have ran into people, that say , Oh my God, I have to cook, Oh my God, I really don’t want to see so and so, Oh my God I just want this day to be over.

Come on people!! Enjoy this time, getting together, with family and close friends and love ones. Has to be, one of the most amazing feelings in the world. Anyone enjoying the extra day to play should be in high spirits. And while the idea of such an annual festivity is beautiful, it is the constant practice of gratitude that holds the power to change our lives in magical and miraculous ways.

Thinking about the people your going to see, who’s going to cook what ? See the kids run around, WOW it can’t get batter then that, sitting at a table full with love ones, getting up to date with them. Making, new memories. To me it’s the best feeling.

For those of you that have a big family, or are able to sit around a table of love ones and amazing people, be thankful, and happy. Lack of gratitude or complaining brings little to rejoice about.

As I’ve gotten older the black hole I felt in my chest started feeling less heavy. As I continued to give thanks for the ever expanding lightness, weight of depression lifted completely and every part of my life transformed. Look at the good in things, the good in Thanksgiving. During that dark night of the soul, gratitude became a sprit-saving ray of light for me. “Gratitude brings more to be grateful about. It increases your abundant life.

With seeds of gratitude that flourished into blessings beyond my highest hopes. Such is the magic of gratitude.

Silently or aloud, let “thank you” be the first and last words you say every day. As this becomes a habit, you’ll enjoy deeper, sweeter sleep at night and dreamier days. Well it works for me.

Say it Loud, Say it Clear: Thank every person who does anything for you throughout the day. Sometimes we take people who contribute to our day-to-day needs for granted, so showing them sincere appreciation acknowledges their efforts and brings joy to both.

Reach Out: Once a week, go beyond “Liking” the post of someone in your circle, and send them a personal message expressing something you appreciate about them. I try to do this as much as I can and it helps me feel better.

Thank the Not-So-Good:We do not naturally feel grateful for our challenges, but there are gifts within the most trying experiences. When we give thanks for the lesson in any situation, we free ourselves of that condition and open to blessings that are much easier and more fun to give thanks for.As we practice gratitude on all these different levels, we attract even more to be thankful for.

If you have the big family that drives you crazy, be thankful enjoy it, believe it or not some of us dream of having all that craziness, that would give us the biggest gift, joy, happiness, love, and able to have people around that love you, and want to be with you in days like Thanksgiving. Make memories, trust me when you have nothing it’s worth more then anything in this world. So, whether or not you’re celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, I hope you will give thanks each day, and as I learned to, welcome all the magic and miracles of living a grateful and thankful life.

Enjoy this feeling of family love in the air, it’s the best feeling, I enjoy, looking around seeing the families get ready, the traffic, the craziness, the house full of people, the less cars on the rode, because everyone has found a place to be on this amazing day. Love Alexis Reyes

Make this Thanksgiving holiday the best one.

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