Alexis Reyes


Alexis Reyes

Alexis was born in Spain, and grow up in Miami Fl. Today, Alexis makes her home in Pinecrest, Florida. On January 14, 2012 she married her high-school sweetheart, Enrique, in a fairytale wedding and became Mrs. Reyes.


As for her uncanny psychic gift, it has only grown.As young as five years old; it was during this time she was blessed with the gift of prophecy. Alexis believes that all the pain and hurt she endured as a small child was God’s gift to her. It instilled in her empathy and compassion for others and prepared her to become the elite Edgar Cayce like medium she is today. She has an unheard of gift of being able read others along with her Tarot card Readings.

What set’s this charming Psychic apart from the rest. It really is all in the name! “Alexis’s Fairy tales” You open the doors and all of the sudden you have walked into a gorgeous vintage psychic reading. Like right out of the pages of a Fairy tale book,
with a beautiful real fortune teller.


Today she works with a variety of people from Television Executives to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies nationwide. Her career has been an amazing one, which few have experienced.

Her life readings which she gives clients on a daily basis help to lift them from a drug, alcohol, depressed state to knowing who they really are, a divine child of God. These revelations help others to see their real purpose and creates emotional stability and self responsibility in their lives.

Many of her CEO clients have stated, “When I receive a reading from Alexis , it is if she is reading my mind and answering every concern without asking me a question at all. “ Alexis asks no questions of her clients. She just says a prayer and asks that the words be put in her mouth and lets the answers flow, as if she were reading a book.

Alexis’ readings at the Dollhouse


As a Spiritual Psychic and Medium, she feels her mission is to help make a difference in the lives of others, which have come to her for help. With over 20 years experience she promises to provide validation to her reads sharing past memories, messages, which only the person going to her knows. And an awareness of your life and those in your life today.

Today, she is a well respected mediums and Psychic in the Miami Fl, Pinecrest FL, area; her daily career consists of giving life readings all over, person to person.And helping others.


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