I believe the key to happiness is living your own true, authentic life –

following your own path, not one that someone else, chooses for you. But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone!

Every one of us has Spirit helpers looking after us – they are always there to guide, protect and support. Your spirit guides bring the wisdom and perspective of many lifetimes, and, best of all, they have no personal agenda! They are simply there to help YOU on your soul journey.

I don’t go through a day without communicating with my guides in one way or another. When I host an event or workshop, I never really know what kind of messages my Spirit guides will bring through – but I trust they will deliver. They always do!  Before I go on stage, I meditate and ask for help. That’s the great thing about the guides – they are happy to help if you just ask them.

You can call upon different guides for different things big and small. They can help you find your soul mate – or your car keys.


Connecting with them is as easy as 1,2,3:

1) Open yourself up to Spirit! Your guides are around you – but they won’t impose themselves upon you. Start a dialogue with them, and call upon them when you need them.

2) Have faith! Once you’ve asked for help, stop worrying. Trust that your guides will deliver – and help them out energetically by visualizing the perfect outcome.

3) Stay connected with spirit! Be grateful for the gifts and blessings that your guides provide – and “pay it forward” by treating others with love, compassion and forgiveness.


A guide to the types of guides.


The Great Spirit

Some refer to this as Source, Infinite Spirit, or simply God.  Personally, I call it ONE – Omnipresent Nurturing Energy. Everyone has direct access to ONE through prayer, meditation or visualization – even talking out loud. Remember that “God works in mysterious ways” so don’t expect your answers to be straightforward – once you’ve asked for help, watch for signs and signals in unexpected places.


Your Higher Self

Your soul is having a human experience in your physical body – but it contains the experience of many lifetimes. This guide is a wonderful source of wisdom as it has a better viewpoint. It is known as that tiny voice inside you – tune into your own intuition so you can hear what it has to say!


Angels and Archangels

Angels carry out the will of God as messengers, protectors, and guides. The Guardian Angel is the most commonly known type of angel. Angels are also considered to be non-denominational, not being associated with any particular religion or belief. Archangels are more specialized angels and are higher level beings. Anyone can call upon the archangels where guardian angels are more individual and personal.



Your ancestors include people who have recently passed and who you are genetically related to, but also anyone who you have a soul-connection with. Sometimes these to be people you have never met. Either way, be open to sensing their presence through signs – dreams, voices, butterflies.


Power Animals or Totems

Power animals, also known as totems, are similar to guardian angels, but in animal form. Your power animal is not an individual animal, rather the collective spirit of that animal. It is common for power animals to have individual names. Your power animals/totems will come and go throughout your life, depending on your needs. Again, being open and connected to your higher self will allow you to feel the influence of Power Animals in your life.