Goodbye Baby Kevin 

Today I said my final goodbye to Kevin in the most Beautiful church mass at St Augustine Catholic Church.
Every ending has a new beginning,I feel blessed to know he now has his new beginning in heaven. Where we will meet again .The hardest part of loving someone is saying goodbye. This is the last post on Kevin leaving us. I need him to rest and be with our father. I am so thankful for him. Over Mountains,Over Trees,Over Oceans
Over Seas, Across the desert and I’ll be there. In a whisper on the wind,On the smile of a new friend,and I Just think of you, And I know you will be there.

I will no longer be afraid, oh my love
because you will be watching me from above. And I’d give all the world today,To be with you.Because I know your on my side,
And I still care and love you, and will always hold you very close to my heart.You may have gone to heaven so I know now all I have to do is Just think of you,And You be there. 
Thank you for showing me how to love, a love no one showed me how to love. When the world gave me their back, you gave me life. And helped me live this dream we lived together. Goodbye baby Kevin, into we meet again. Now you know how much I really loved you baby. I love you , and will miss you. 


          Kevin Michael Sigurani

March 2, 1991 – November 1, 2015