Alexis Reyes Miami’s best psychic

I am so excited about reading the article from ( The new Miami times ) for the best of Miami on Miami best psychic. 
I tried my hardest to get a sneak peek and wasn’t allowed, The writer is keeping it top-secret. And I guess I’m just going to have to wait to read it along with everybody else like comes out. 
This is by far so exciting I am living my dream. The first thing I’m going to do is get five copies and sign them and give them to the following people. 
Mom & Sister 



Sister-in-law and nieces

And one for me for my office
I also want to take the time to thank Veronica’s dollhouse, for opening the doors for me. I will never forget those two ladies. 

I also want to thank Five Sisters for giving me the privilege and honor to read at the best-known place in the world for the best healers, psychic go to use their gift and do our Magic. 

Thank you so much Elizabeth and Rocky I love you ladies!!! 
And to my fans that follow me you guys have been my biggest blessing thank you. 
Only days into June!!!!