Thank You 2014

What a year it has been. This past year has been something else… it’s
opened my eyes to many things and many people. It’s had its ups and downs
and ins and outs. And I believe we’ve all been able to take something from
that and grow in our own imparticular ways. We’ve over come obstacles, and
set in motion opportunities that can change our own individual lives.

The bitter Sweet of 2014.


The lessons I’ve Learned,and the struggles I’ve faced, from losing my house,
to my husband losing his job.Was overwhelming. But also this year was the
year that God gave me miracles. The most magical miracles a person can live.





From the blessing of finding the perfect house, and making it our home, to
it being the year of my business being so successful, and the world letting
me know I can do it! To the latest addition to our family, Baby Pebbles…We
are crazy about her.


The year was full of lessons learned and soul searching and realizing I’m an
adult. This year I took responsibility and didn’t take the easy way out.

I had some good moments in 2014, but all in all I am happy to see it go. And I couldn’t be more excited for 2015!

Embracing 2015 begins as all new moments, the first requirement is that we must embrace change.



My attitude is set in stone I pray. I am determined to embrace all changes as they appear. Making the best possible decision with the information, wisdom and guidance each moment presents. From my previous reflections of this year and years past, I know I am grateful for failed personal goals that were not in my best interest, closure on some issues and for opportunities that will allow me to dream again. There is nothing but reflection that can be accomplished regarding 2014 but there is everything you can do to embrace 2015 if only you would believe.

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year ! Filled with love, health, faith, joy and lot’s of richness, and may every step you take be a positive one, and let’s make sweet memories in 2015!

A very special thanks to the people listed below,without them non of this would’ve been possible this year. The amazing blessing I have lived.

Mrs. Bello
My godmother
I recall being in the ladies room at work,crying my eyes out, when I got the news that the landlord from our apartment was only giving us days to move. I had no money and nowhere to go. She called me, and told three things I will never forget.

How much do you need?
When do you need it ?
Where are you ?

If it was not for my Godmother I really don’t know where I would be today.
I love her so much,I am so thankful and grateful for her. I love you Madrina!! I O U

Mike Bello
My godfather, for always being there,always texting, or calling, you don’t know how much that means to me. Love you ! Thank you !

Jennifer Pena
To the best Realtor in the world,that works so hard and never give up on us, and found us the perfect home. And has become amazing friend. I promise next year, I will work less and make more memories with you! Love you girl.

Five Sisters
Elizabeth and Rocky, thank you for believing in me,and being part of making my dreams reality. I love you ladies.

Jessica Suris
My Friend and Boss, for being so understanding and kind, I love you Boo.

Mercy M
Thank you for loving me, and being a true friend, opening the doors to your house and your heart ,and always thinking of me. That means the world to me.

To My Mom and Sister you both are my world and the love I feel for you both is something so out of this world. I love you !

To my Sisters in-laws Dolly and Fifa, I love you girls, I love that you girls love us so much .

To my Fans none of this would’ve been possible without you! I love each and everyone of you guys!!!! Thank you ! I’m so grateful.Thank You for showing me what a blessing is.

My husband the love of my life. You are my biggest blessing. Thank you for being so understanding and loving, and putting up with me, and helping me and everything, and being the best Hubby and Daddy in the world. With out you,there is no Alexis. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH !

Happy New Year!
Love Alexis 💋


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