How to get your Dream

How do you know you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing in life ?

Because everything just goes smoothly and falls into place.

Today, I am sharing a Dream Success Story that you will inspire you. This story is a perfect example of how the Universe’s Law of Attraction for Dream Life or job works.

As many people in my past I had been struggling to make ends meet from time to time, it was a way of life. Even having two incomes in the house hold.
You need to build that faith in yourself and on the Universe, you need to put yourself in the positive vibrational mode, your thoughts and feelings need to strengthen with possibilities and joy.

What’s the solution to this struggle?
The answer lies in the “Power of Gratitude”.
Yes! Gratitude is the simplest but most powerful human emotion that will set you in the positive mode instantly.
But gratitude is so simple that people don’t want to believe that it is so powerful and life changing.
The reason it’s so powerful because when you feel grateful or thankful, you can not feel any negative emotions like anger, sadness, anxiety, hopelessness etc. It shifts your mind gears instantly from negativity to positivity.

As for me. I took a leap of faith and this is what happened at the end of this journey:

I remove all the negative beliefs in all area of my life and specially in my work .

Changes happened when I started believing in myself. But you can’t believe in yourself till the time you will be struggling with your negative feelings and actions. For me, it was my readings, and helping others.
The moment you shift from negativity to positivity, miracle happen.
But, if you have struggled for years with negativity at home or society or work place then it’s not easy to shift. For that you need guidance to help you in understanding how to change your situations magically. This is how it worked for me.

During my journey, in practicing gratitude for every area of my life and for every single thing in my life. I started being grateful for my family, friends, health, money and the present job also.
It’s difficult to feel grateful for present jobs when you are struggling in that, but that’s the true essence of life. You can’t change your life when you hate something too much! This is key.
( take hate out )

The key of all success is “Being grateful for what you have and then attract what you want.”
When you understand this and practice, that’s when you can do, have or be anything you want in life.

I started practicing the Magic of Gratitude everyday religiously.Having a high pressure job, but I took time to do all the magical practices every day.
As I started doing it, shift happened.
In a few months into the magical journey of gratitude.

SUCCESS HAPPENED, Not Just ONE but so many Big Offers in hand came to me.
In this Universe possibilities are endless and with magical power of gratitude you can set yourself on the highway of success.

I feel very blessed to say, that Today I am very proud and grateful that I am doing it, I am no longer struggling. But I am doing what I love, helping people and being grateful for every little thing.

I want to take the time and thank the people and the objects God has placed in my life to better it.
My Husband, My Godparents, Veronica and Andrea with the Dollhouse. Five Sisters and the wonderful stuff.
And to my family at Vanguard, and Jessica Suris .and to all my clients, thank you so much!!! For making my life feels safe and my kind of perfect.

Thank you I love you all very much.


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