Beautiful Mutants

As I was doing Readings at Five Sisters this weekend.I had this one group of
people talking amongst themselves, that I had superpowers, lol, and that
Five Sisters was like a school or place for Mutants!
” don’t I wish ” The thought alone will make 50,000 people,squeal in
excitement. But what if I told you that there are people walking among us
(flying has not yet been confirmed) LOL I call it a ” Gift ” who wield
real-life powers that have scientists scratching their heads?

I had never really thought about it that way, as if we were Mutants, or an X
Men group of people. LOL but I guess it’s a funny and cool way of looking at
it . I guess at the end of the day, we do help, with our gift or powers how
ever you may call it.

We didn’t get our superpowers from a radiation experiment gone
horribly wrong but, in most cases, we born with a rare genetic mutations
that allows us to do things which shouldn’t be possible.

As Five Sisters might not be the next headquarters. For the next X-Men’s,
but it is a place where you find hope, where you get back your faith, were
you are able to sit down and figure out a better path for yourself. So I
guess it is almost like an X-Men headquarters. It is where you go get what you’re
hoping and dreaming of ,and that’s a better tomorrow.

Only thing is, we don’t wear superhero outfits, we dress kind cool, and
cute, and we are Wife’s, Sister’s, and Mother’s. We don’t have an Invisible
Jet or walking through objects, nor do we have X-ray vision. We do see dead
people at times.

What we are, is real, we are people with gifts such as, Using our “Sixth
Sense” We are Women with the gift of Remote-viewing, Psychometrist, Medium,
healers. We are Women with Psychic abilities. That we use only to help

Five Sisters is a magical Place, where you will find, hope, faith, and find
the world’s most beautiful Women, with the most wonderful gift’s to help see a
better tomorrow.

So I guess it is okay, to call us Mutants, and think that Five Sisters is
the headquarters for the next X-Men’s. I know it’s a Magical Place, with
real gifted people, with real Psychic abilities. And I am blessed to be part
of this.

Thank you , and love always Alexis


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