Alexis’ Fairy tales readings

Readings are done on a beautiful setting and
wonderful one as well, because now is the time
to let out the secrets! Like in all Fairy tales,
Alexis makes sure each one of her readings
gets a happy ending. What set this
charming Psychic apart from the rest?
It really is all in the name! “Alexis Fairy tales”
You open the doors and all of the sudden
you have walked into a gorgeous vintage psychic reading.
Like right out of the pages of a Fairy tale book,
with a beautiful real fortune teller.

Alexis readings are all done in a Shabby Chic
vintage look table setting, with candles all over,
a beautiful tea set, gorgeous vintage tarot cards,
side by side to Angel cards,
and soft music playing on the background
as Incense with a unique fragrance of a million roses,
a source of sublime purity burns to each of her readings.

Her reading will take you back to childhood memories,
when you believed that real psychic and
beautiful fortune teller would wow you, just like in the
books you’ve read as a child. It’s true! She’s real!
Alexis Tarot Card Spreads, shared a bit of history
of vintage tarot card reading, there are many ways of
doing different tarot card readings.
But Alexis readings are gorgeous.
And guided by guardian angels and Spirit Guides
from the other side, she calls it Fairy Land


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